2014 Fall Fashion Trends

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What greater way is there to start a lazy summer day than with some fashion tips. As fall is slowly approaching us, we thought it would be appropriate to organize our closet a little bit and prepare ourselves for the following season. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the latest fall-winter collections featured a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes. It seems that the time when fall trends were dominated by purple, brown and rusty shades are long behind us and we can now afford to play with different shades and textures. Let’s take a closer look at the incoming fall trends and try to establish some fall guidelines.

2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture 2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture


When it comes to fall and winter fashion tips, the color palette is quite limited. In order to spice up the classic fall colors, a lot of designers used bright, sparkly or neon versions of brown, rust, blue and purple. Moreover, this fall, the designers also encourage us to play with shades of green, yellow, pink and red. For more dramatic looks, combinations of gray and black never fail.

2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture 2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture


This fall, opulence is a must. During the last fall/winter fashion shows, a lot of designers have shown a preference for royal looking outfits. Unlike the Dolce& Gabanna summer collection which promoted a gypsy-Latino opulence, the fall collections feature a more dramatic and elegant opulence, worthy of a queen. This opulence is not achieved through heavy accessories but through rich textures and exquisite textiles.

2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture 2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture


As far as accessories go, the 2014 fall winter fashion trends are very diverse. The inspiration seems to come from various worlds such as fairy tales or nature. The proposed accessories are anything but simple. We can notice a revival of the animal print which seems to have suffered some transformations in both shape and color. Metal accents are also important elements of the fall accessories and we can even see some ethnic looking, craft inspired accessories such as a hand painted statement purse.

2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture 2014 Fall Fashion Trends Picture

Beauty trends

As far as beauty goes, the designers still encourage the natural look, but they do add some glam touches. For example, a natural look can be extremely stylish if you spice it up with some faux eyelashes. However, if you really want to stand out in a crowd, you might want to try out some more opulent makeups. We seem to be witnessing a return of the glitter which now presents itself in a more royal look as it is combined with intense colors. It is very likely that these trends will also dominate the winter fashion tips. As far as nail designs go, we are advised to stick with simple nail designs. Last but not least, braids continue to rule the hair styling trends, the only difference being the fact that they are now less messy and more royal. Therefore, if you are considering some prom hairstyles or wedding hairstyles, you might want to add some royal touches to your hair.

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