2015 Haircut Trends

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Whether you prefer short, medium or long hair, you should know which are the trends for 2015 so that you will choose a fashionable hairstyle that will improve your look. 2015 is about layers, volume and simple haircuts that look elegant without you having to work too much on them. We did a little research on one of our favorite inspiration haircut websites. According to checkmyhaircuts.com, the following hairstyles will be very popular this year:

Haircuts for short hair

If you have short hair or if you have decided to cut your hair to a short length, you should know that this type of haircut is easy to arrange and is suitable for every physiognomy.
2015 Haircut Trends Picture 2015 Haircut Trends Picture

Ruffled effect

If you choose a ruffled haircut for your day by day look, you will easily arrange your hair with a little hair mousse at the roots, using your fingertips to give the hair a little volume.

Pixie haircut

Pixie hairstyles are very trendy in 2015 and many celebrities such as Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry and Natalie Portman have adopted this trend. This is a sexy hairstyle that rejuvenates and tames the facial features, drawing an oval face.

Short bob

This haircut has developed from the desire of women with short hair to be elegant and classy. Choose a short bob and arrange your hair with a round hairbrush and you will look excellent at work.

Haircuts for medium hair

Medium hair is preferred by many women as it offers elegance and it is easy to maintain at the same time.
2015 Haircut Trends Picture 2015 Haircut Trends Picture


The classic bob that touches your shoulders is simple to arrange and fits any physiognomy and hair texture, both straight and curly. However, many women with curly hair opt for asymmetric models exceeding the chin that do not give the hair too much volume.

Layered haircut

The layered haircut will get rid of the damaged hair ends and allows you to arrange your hair in several ways. It is not recommended shadowing the hair ends too much if you have thin hair, as the strains might seem too thin.

Haircuts for long hair

Women with long hair have the advantage of being able to choose any type of haircuts and hairstyles, from bangs to bob and layers.
2015 Haircut Trends Picture 2015 Haircut Trends Picture

Layered haircut

This is a very popular haircut, which is known for years, and this year is one of the most modern styles, mostly adopted by teenagers, but it is suitable for every age. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and you can choose it whether you have straight or curly hair.


Bangs are ideal for women with long hair and round or square shaped face, but it can also be worn by women with a long face. You can choose bangs that will cover your forehead, bangs that reach your eyebrows or that go right underneath your cheeks and you can the bangs on the sides to give the hair some volume.

Long bob

Long bob haircut is another trendy style throughout the year 2015. You can choose to wear a layered bob haircut with long bangs, which has been the most popular haircut in recent years and creates a neat appearance that successfully completes an outfit for the evening.

Most of the haircuts presented above can be achieved with the help of a good flat iron. A thin flat iron can be used for straightening the hair, but also for curling it. Moreover, flat irons smoothen the hair, giving it a glossy finish which is very trendy now. When reading the latest flat iron reviews 2015, look for products with ceramic or titanium plates. It also helps if they have adjustable temperature controls.

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