Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow

Written by Perry Morgan. Posted in Fashion

As we all have a soft spot for celebrities, we thought it would be wise to talk about celebrity trends. As you probably already know, in fashion and lifestyle, celebrities are the main trendsetters. Even if the designers propose certain fashion trends, if those trends are not implemented by celebrities, they are unlikely to be followed by common people. Furthermore, since celebrities lead such glamorous lives, their fans often view them as gurus or lifestyle coaches and try to leave their lives the same way as their idols do. However, celebrities are mere humans and they too are subject to mistakes. Not all the decisions that celebrities make are fashionable, but unfortunately, even their bad decisions seem to be turning into trends. Here are some celebrity trends that common folk should never follow:

Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow Picture Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow Picture

1. The grunge look

Sometimes, in order to escape the paparazzi or in order to simply display a rebel attitude, celebrities leave the house dressed almost as bad as homeless people. This is what the fashion world calls “the grunge look”. This style can sometimes work for certain celebrities but most of the time it looks really bad. Given the fact that celebrities base their whole lives on the adoration of the common folk, they owe us some respect and living the house dressed poorly is definitely a sign of disrespect to your fans. Needless to say, if most celebrities fail to implement the grunge look, common folk should forget all about it. A perfect grunge look is very hard to achieve and while celebrities may sometimes get away with it, common people have no chance of pulling of such looks.

Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow Picture Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow Picture

2. Plastic surgeries

Celebrity plastic surgeries are controversial subjects. Some surgeries end up well while others end up in disasters. In order to see what we mean, simply compare some Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after photos with some Donatella Versace before and after plastic surgery pictures.  As you can see, even with endless financial resources, plastic surgeries are still very risky. Needless to say, the risk of a disastrous outcomes is even higher when it comes to cheap surgeries.

Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow Picture Celebrity Trends that We Should Never Follow Picture

3. Parties, rehab and jail

Orange may be the new black in 2014, but it is definitely not a color that you want to be forced to wear every day. Lately, more and more celebrities lead unbalanced lives which result in drug abuse and jail time. Some celebrities are only going through a rebellious phase while others are party animals even when they get old. White there is nothing wrong with partying from time to time, you should never overdo it and never, under any circumstance should you toy with the law. In such situations, celebrities again have certain advantages over the common folk. Good lawyers and expensive rehab centers are just a few of the things that most people can’t count on. Therefore, it is best if we, common people, keep our inner party animals under control.

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