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Today, we want to talk about some of the most influential style icons in history: the infamous pin up girls. The pin up concept developed in the late 19th century. Generally, these women were actresses or models who wished to advertise themselves, and what better way was there to do this than with the use of pin up posters. During that time, expressing sexuality was an essential requirement for a woman who worked in the entertainment industry. As such, most of the pin up posters, featured sensual women dressed in summary outfits. Those posters were so popular that they became iconic. Though a lot of time has passed since the appearance of the pin up girls, those vintage posters continue to fascinate us and eventually became a part of the never dying pop culture. If you feel that your look is becoming a little dull lately or you simply want to play with your look for a while, you might want to try giving yourself a pin up makeover. In this article, we have gathered a few guidelines which will help you achieve the infamous pin up style.

Get the Pin Up Style Picture Get the Pin Up Style Picture


Generally, the makeup, which characterizes the pin up style is pretty straightforward. The most distinctive element of a pin up makeup is the intense red lipstick. In order to add a touch of sensuality to your lips, you can try painting a beauty spot above your lip (Marilyn Monroe style). As far as the eye makeup goes, feel free to go crazy with the eyeliner and paint the most dramatic cat tail that you can think of. Fake eyelashes can also be a great idea, especially if your eyes are not very big.


In order to get the pin up style, you need to give extra attention to your hair color and your hairstyle. Although there were numerous pi girls ups who had natural hair colors, the most memorable pin up girls were the blonde and the redheaded ones. Curls are also an essential part of a pin up look, but they can be replaced with bouncy finger waves.

Clothes and accessories

As we mentioned above, in posters, pin up girls were usually featured in summary outfits. However, since you can’t leave the house dressed in lingerie, you can achieve a pin up style by wearing a vintage dress, preferably one which highlight the cleavage and the waist. Just remember to wear bright colors such as green, yellow, blue or red. Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with some cat eye sunglasses and a scarf, preferably worn as a hair accessory.

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