Hair Color Trends for 2015

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Hair is very important when it comes to achieving a nice look, because a certain hairstyle can add more balance to your face shape, and it can hide imperfections like a large forehead or chubby cheeks. Furthermore, the right hair color can highlight your eyes in a great way, and it can flatter your skin tone in order to bring out your best features. So, let’s take a look to the latest 2015 hair coloring ideas.


One of the hottestĀ 2015 hair coloring ideas implies dyeing your hair using a special technique to get a natural, sun-kissed hair color that grows out great. Furthermore, Balayage seems to be a timeless technique, because it can match any skin type, and it is very simple to be achieved. This popular hair color is very requested in salons today, and it represents a great alternative to Ombre, because it is softer, and it features less obvious regrowth lines. So, Balayage promises to be the prettiest way to dye your hair in 2015.

Hair Color Trends for 2015 Picture Hair Color Trends for 2015 Picture

Pastel colors

Nicole Richie, Katy Perry and Kesha are the pioneers of this trend, as they are the ones who started to use pastel hair colors in order to break a boring look, and achieve a unique aspect. Although pastel colors include pale tones, they are very bold, and they can make anyone stand out from the crowd. The palette of bold colors includes pink shades, purple tones, and even green and blue colors. So, if you want to upgrade your look, but you are not sure which color would suit you the most, we advise you to opt for a semi-permanent dye. Furthermore, you can print out the hair colors that you like the most, and ask your hairdresser’s opinion. After all, getting professional help can help you make the right choice.

Dark tones

One of the best hair color ideas for dark hair involves using tones like deep ebony and warm mocha to achieve a glossy, luxurious look. Moreover, you can choose to add a little mystery to your appearance by opting for a brunette hair color. Is is easier for brunettes to take care of their hair, because unlike any other color, brunette is less capricious, and it is less difficult to maintain. It doesn’t require too much effort to remain in perfect shape, and it needs just a few touch ups. However, if you have brown hair and you are not a big fan of brunette, we recommend you to try the “bronde” technique, which is perfect for dark haired women. Based on many hair color ideas for dark hair, this combination of brown and blonde can make anyone look fancy and trendy, so we definitely recommend it to women who want to make a change in their look.

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