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A good Halloween costume can help you stand out in the crowd at a Halloween party, but a good makeup can complete the look and can make even a plain costume look fantastic. Therefore, if you want to really impress at this year’s party, complete your Halloween outfit with a scary makeup and learn how to achieve a frightening look by reading the following article on scary makeup tutorials.
Scary Makeup Tutorial Picture Scary Makeup Tutorial Picture

Spooky skeleton look

The skeleton look is the most common Halloween makeup people try and it is very easy to make at home if you have the right makeup products and some artistic skills. You will need some cream paints that are regularly used in creating various makeups and you start with a white paint base and you cover your entire face. Then with some black paint you start contouring your eyes covering your eyebrows and you draw some lines over your lips to create the teeth. Continue drawing lines from place to place to create the feeling that your face is cracked and blur the lines using your fingertips. Use some black paint on your nose and on the cheekbones to make your face look like a skull and apply some creepy contact lenses to complete the scary skeleton makeup.
Scary Makeup Tutorial Picture Scary Makeup Tutorial Picture

The living dead

The zombie look also requires some makeup paint, but the color pallet is more complex than the one used to create the skeleton look. Start by covering your face with a pale shade to create the feeling of a dead body and apply some blue paint under your eyes and fade it with your fingertips so that the two paints will blend. Use the blue paint to draw some lines like you would have many veins under the skin and apply some red paint here and there to make it look like your skin is shredded. Some stitches on the forehead using black paint and some red paint at the corner of your lips and the scary zombie makeup is ready.
Scary Makeup Tutorial Picture Scary Makeup Tutorial Picture

The horror doll

This scary makeup is a combination of a living and a dead and it is known as the horror doll, one of the scariest makeups you can opt for. Start by outlining a third of your face starting from above the eye and going down to the chin over your cheekbone. Use some red paint on the outline to make it look like the skin is peeled off and draw some stitches using black paint. Apply regular makeup on the portion of your face framed by the outline so that this part will look completely normal, including some cute eyelashes and a smooth shade of pink lipstick. Then turn the other part of your face into a zombie by applying some black makeup under the eye and some red makeup on the forehead to create the feeling that you are hurt. Use one white contact lens on the “dead” eye and your scary makeup is complete.

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