Summer Hair Color Ideas

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Did you happen to wake up with an unbearable desire to change your look? We sure know how that feels! It is in a woman’s nature to constantly change her look in order to refresh her confidence. Yes, a new look can make you feel not only more stylish but also more confident. Therefore, in order to help you achieve a goddess look this summer, we thought to provide you with some inspiration. Check out the following summer hair color ideas and pick the one which most suits your style but also the one which best complements your skin tone.

Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Honey blonde

What better way is there to highlight an amazing summer tan than with a honey blonde hair color. The great thing about this hair color is that it is suited for most skin tones. However, if your skin tone is very dark, we suggest that you only dip dye your tips in a honey blonde shade. You can also try framing your face with a few subtle honey highlights. If you do decide to dye your hair blonde, we advise you to go to a professional hairstylist, so that you don’t risk damaging your hair.

Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Red shades

If you happen to be the proud owner of a pale porcelain skin and some adorable freckles, we suggest that you make red hair colors your signature feature. This summer, copper hair colors are extremely popular, but darker shades can also be very interesting. We suggest that you start the summer with a light copper shade and as time goes by, you can slowly darken the color. In the middle of the summer you can wear a bright red hair color (pin up style) and by the time autumn comes, you can rock an intense auburn shade.

Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture Summer Hair Color Ideas Picture

Rebel highlights

If you don’t have school or a job this summer, you might want to explore your rebel side. The best way of expressing your rebel side is by choosing a funky hairstyle. Dip dyeing your tips in shades of blue, purple and pink is a great way of obtaining a rock star look. If you are not ready to commit to such crazy hair colors, you can try hair coloring chalk. Instead of dyeing just the tips of your hair, you can also try funky colored highlights. Giving that there are websites like yourhairexperts where you can find the best hair coloring techniques, we guarantee you that you will be ale to obtain the desired results. Furthermore, you can rock this look with some nerdy glasses and some leather bracelets, and you are certain to be noticed, wherever you go.


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