Two Chic and Simple Hairstyles

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Whether you are preparing for your prom or you are about to attend an important event, you will definitely need some hairstyle inspiration, especially if your budget is tight and you can’t afford to go to a salon. The following hairstyles are inspired by celebrity looks and they can work as date hairstyles, as prom hairstyles and even as wedding hairstyles. Furthermore, they are not only cute but also very easy to do.

Two Chic and Simple Hairstyles Two Chic and Simple Hairstyles

Crown braid

In this picture, we can see Bella Thorne wearing a lovely fishtail crown braid. This type of hairstyle is very easy to make, but it does require long hair. You simply start braiding a side braid and when you are done, you wrap it around your head. The braid should be messy at the base and at the middle but tight and neat from the middle to the tips. Another interesting type of crown braid is the french crown braid. This prom hairstyle is a bit more challenging as you need a high level of dexterity in order to braid a french braid while also directing it around your head. However, if you do succeed, you can try embellishing the braid with a delicate flower wreath or some flower hairpins. Unfortunately, this hairstyle doesn’t work with any of the best short haircuts for women, but you can find extensions, or even ready-braided extensions that you could add.

In fact, most elegant hairstyles apply solely to long or medium hair. It can be very hard to learn how to style short haircut in a way that it looks different each time.

Two Chic and Simple Hairstyles Two Chic and Simple Hairstyles

The curly side bun

This elegant hairstyle has a retro vibe and it can be a great choice for any sophisticated event. As you can see from the picture featured above, this hairstyle is quite popular among celebrities. However, this does not mean that you need a renowned hairstylist in order to wear this hairstyle. You only need a curling iron, some hairpins and some hairspray. If you’re looking for some prom hairstyles for long hair, this can be a great choice, not to mention how popular it is this season. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it can worn in various ways. As you can see, Diane Kruger wears it with glossy finger waves and glam hair clips, whereas Taylor swift prefers a more bohemian, slightly messy version of the curly side bun. In order to do this hairstyle, you start by curling your hair. The curls should start from around your ear and only a few strands should be curled higher than the ear. Once you are done with the curling iron, take each curled strand of hair, twist it around itself and fix its tip with a hairpin on the side of your head. Make sure that the twist is not tight as you want the shape of the curls to be visible. Do this  with the remaining hair and when you are done, fix the hairstyle with plenty of hairspray.

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