Who Wore it Best?

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Despite the fact that celebrities have a lot of stylist running around them and limitless resources for buying outfits, sometimes, accidents can happen. For example, a celebrity can discover, while she is attending a red carpet event, that she is wearing the same dress that another celebrity recently wore. Needless to say, no diva wants to wear the same dress model that another celebrity wore. However, such accidents do happen and while they are horrifying for the celebrities themselves, they are quite a delight for us, the common folk, as we can judge who wore the outfit better. Therefore, let’s start the fashion show off!

Who Wore it Best Picture Who Wore it Best Picture

Katy Perry vs. Marica Pellegrinelli

The famous Valentino musical dress was first worn by Katy Perry at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Later on, the same dress model was Marica Pellegrinelli’s choice of a wedding dress. Perhaps Marica knew and she simply didn’t care as she clearly wore this dress as an homage to Eros. Regardless of the fact that Katy wore the dress first, we have to say that Marica wore it better. The dress is suited for both events, given that Marica’s dress has Eros’s lyrics printed on it and Katy Perry is attending the Grammy Awards. However, the dress looks slightly better on Marica because she has a slender body, whereas on Katy, the dress looks a little too puffy. Furthermore, Marica’s bohemian hairstyle is better suited for the dress than Katy’s tall bun.

Who Wore it Best Picture Who Wore it Best Picture

Jennifer Hudson vs. Chloe Grace Moretz

The Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala in LA gave us the opportunity to admire Jennifer’s slender body in a lovely Christopher Kane dress. However, the same dress model was previously worn by Chloe Grace Moretz at the Teen Choice awards. Again, we find ourselves unable to vote for the first person who wore the dress. While Chloe looks adorable in this dress, Jenifer looks simply divine. Chloe is far too pale for this dress. In order to rock it, she should have worn a more intense makeup. As you can see, Jeniffer’s bright red lips make a big difference and we also like the way she matched her orange clutch to the dress.

Who Wore it Best Picture Who Wore it Best Picture

Jennifer Lopez vs. Liberty Ross

This stunning blue sequin dress was initially worn by model Liberty Ross. Later on, at the Tom Ford Fall 2011 collection Gala in New York, Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing the same dress model. Again, we have to rule in favor of the person who wore it secondly. Perhaps the celebrity who wears the outfit secondly, simply learns from the first celebrity’s mistakes. Our vote is mainly based on the fact that Liberty does not have the curves to wear such a dress. Instead of owning her outfit, she seems to be drawing in it, and the black underwear were definitely a very bad choice. Jennifer on the other hand looks like a first class diva.

Who Wore it Best Picture Who Wore it Best Picture

Katy Perry vs Coco Rocha

Katy Perry competes again in the fashion show off. This time, she is wearing an Emanuel Ungaro leopard print dress which was initially worn by model Coco Rocha. Sadly for Katy, she loses this show off as well. First of all, the long version of the dress is way more interesting. This is a wild dress which does not really go with the clean knee hemline that Katy choose. Furthermore, her hairstyle and makeup are far too neat for this dress and so are her shoes. Coco on the other hand is wearing a dangerous looking hairstyle, an intense eye makeup and bad ass ankle boots. Overall, she successfully manages to pull of this dress with a fearless attitude.

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